Thelonius Alexander

Thelonius Alexander has over 25 years of business development, pre- production, entrepreneurship and corporate tax experience in the public and private sector of music, film and sports entertainment. He is the former Corporate Tax Manager for Lionsgate Entertainment, Inc. (LG).

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Shawn Chou

Shawn is a highly sought-after and respected Editor behind many popular network shows such as America’s Next Top Model, Beauty and the Geek, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Tough Love, Flavor of Love, and The Biggest Loser

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Derrick Sims

Born and raised in Kingsland, Arkansas, Derrick Sims began making movies when he was 9-years-old. After graduating high school, his then girlfriend persuaded him to deny an architecture scholarship to Louisiana Tech and instead follow his dreams of becoming a filmmaker.

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Maria Olsen

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Jack Turner

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Sarah Schreiber

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