BRAD (20’s) is a famous rock star engaged to CARLY (20’s) who works at a psyche ward.  One of her patients, MIA (40’s) becomes obsessed with Brad and goes on a violent rampage at the hospital, kidnaps Carly, and escapes.

At Brad and Carly’s new home, Brad’s bandmate, GRANT (20’s) and his wife TARYN (20’s) are over drinking and working on new music.  A massive storm moves in and Grant and Tamryn are forced to stay the night.

As the storm builds, Mia arrives at the house disguising herself as Carly’s mother, whom Brad has never met.  Soon after arriving Mia drugs Brad and his friends and begins her murderous psychotic rampage, searching for her “long lost son” and wanting revenge on Brad who she’s mistaken for her long dead abusive husband.

When Brad finally finds and frees Carly, he learns of the deep twisted past that he and Mia shares and goes through desperate measures to save the woman he loves.