Derrick Sims









DP / Editor / Colourist
Born and raised in Kingsland, Arkansas, Derrick Sims began making movies when he was 9-years-old.
After graduating high school, his then girlfriend persuaded him to deny an architecture scholarship to
Louisiana Tech and instead follow his dreams of becoming a filmmaker.
His first big break came while he was pursuing a media degree at Henderson State University. Over one
weekend, he directed, shot, and edited short war film based on a local civil war batter. Months passed, and
by chance, it found its way into the hands of the proprietor of the IMAX theater in Little Roc, Arkansas.
In early 2005, Sims received a phone call from IMAX asking to show his film, “The Battle of Marks’
The success of “Marks’ Mill” along with a college professor’s recommendation, Sims got a position as
camera operator on his first feature film, “War Eagle, Arkansas.” The film starred Brian Dennehy (a
childhood hero and basis for many of his shorts years before), Mary Kay Place, Luke Grimes, and Mare
While on the set of “War Eagle,” Sims met Zac Heath, an upcoming writer/director who would ultimately
give Sims his first job as Director of Photography on a feature film. While teaching film at Northwest
Arkansas Academy of Fine Arts, Sims was sent the script for Heath’s film “The River Within.” A year
later, “River” garnered a limited theatrical release, and it was given worldwide video and television
distribution through Cloud Ten Pictures and eOne Entertainment.
Since then, Sims has photographed five other features across the US and the world. In 2011, he spent a
month in the Czech Republic filming the feature film “Light in Terezin.” One of his most recent features,
“Come Morning,” premiered at the Austin Film Festival in October 2012. More recently “Come
Morning” won the Jury Award for Best Cinematography at the Oxford Film Festival in 2013. Not only
was he DP on the film, Sims also wrote, directed, and edited as well.
He currently lives in Burbank, California with his wife, the same girl who encouraged him to follow his
film aspirations back in 2003.