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Jack Turner: Casted for the Role of Brad:
This up and coming actor hails from the UK, and is now stepping into the USA to make his mark in Hollywood. This talented young actor is also an accomplished musician, which parallels his character Brad in the movie. After a significant history in theatre, television and commercials, Jack is excited to make his US feature debut as Brad in Reunion.  He is represented by Matt Virol of Gersh agency.



Maria Olsen: Casted for the Role of Mia:
Maria Olsen came to America in January 2005 and hasn’t taken time to breath since she got here. Her horror films have screened at international festivals such as the Fangoria Weekend of Horrors (Justin Paul Ritter’s A Gothic Tale), HorrorFest (Patrick Horvath’s Die-ner (Get It?) – where she won Best Supporting Actress for her role as Rose the Waitress – and the International HBO Latino Film Festival (Sam Benavides’ Mansfield Path).  Some of her well-known credits include Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightening Thief and Paranormal Activity 3.



Sarah Schreiber: Casted for the role of Carley
Sarah has been seen on The Late Show with David Letterman, Knights of Prosperity, & All My Children, and the feature film Sprawl due out in theaters this spring. Sarah worked as the host/cook on a pilot with Lance Bass Productions called Hangover Gourment. Also, she is a member of the sketch group Casual Mafia, whom she performed with at the Laugh Factory & Comedy Store. One of the web series Sarah worked in, We Are Angels, was an offical selection of the 2012 Marseille Web Festival. She can also be seen as the lead in Kodiak Fur’s new music video, Lips. Recently, she had the ultimate privilege to work opposite another Jersey native, Bruce Willis, and had the opportunity to perform her own stunts, directed by Joseph Kahn and stunt coordinator Eddie Braun!



Cara Santana: Casted for the Role of Tamryn:
The stunning beauty hails from El Paso, Texas and at the tender age of 16 when she came to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams of acting. With her dedicated work ethic and unique beauty, Cara is quickly becoming a hot item in Hollywood – she possesses star quality and has already appeared in many television shows such as CSI: Miami and The Whole Truth. She is represented by Matt Virol of Gersh agency.



Reign Morton: Casted for the Role of Grant:
Born and raised in Portsmouth, VA, Reign Morton knew he wanted to entertain early. He started as a lot of musicians do, by singing in church. Naturally his inspirations were Sam Cook, Donnie Hathaway, and Billie Holiday. But he has a wide appetite for music and also fell in love with Aerosmith, Michael Jackson and other rock and pop artists. His love of music and need to connect with people has taken him on a path less traveled than a lot of performers. After high school he spent time in the Army and traveled the world as a soldier. After getting out and moving to California to pursue his passion that road then took him across the world again to Japan and eventually to Paris where he ended up homeless and quite literally “singing for his supper”. That journey ended up pairing him with musicians there and rocketing him to success where he currently has a song in rotation on the French air waves called ‘Speed Dating.’  He also has a recurring role on General Hospital.